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Easy Avocado Cucumber Sushi Rolls (Using a Hollowed Out Cucumber!)

I’ve been on a huge sushi kick lately, and because of that I’ve been trying out some pretty amazing sushi recipes. One trick that I’ve picked up along the way is using a hollowed out cucumber. Here’s how to make the best avocado cucumber sushi roll!

Easy Avocado Cucumber Sushi Rolls

How to Make Avocado Cucumber Sushi Rolls

  • Cook the rice. Follow the directions on the sushi rice package to cook the rice. It’s important to follow the instructions because sushi rice requires a specific measurement of water per cup.
  • Prepare the cucumbers. Hollow out the cucumbers according to the directions listed below.
  • Stuff the cucumber rolls. Stuff each cucumber tube with the sushi rice, sliced avocado, and scallions.
  • Serve. Serve the sushi rolls as they are or slice them into bite size pieces and serve.

Avocado Cucumber Sushi Roll

How to Hollow Out a Cucumber

Never hollowed out a cucumber before? No worries, it’s super easy to do and you can use this technique in a variety of recipes. Just follow these handy steps:

  • Wash. First things first, you’ll want to make sure that you have thoroughly washed your cucumbers. You can choose to leave the skin on but I always prefer to peel the skin off the cucumbers.
  • Line up the cucumber. Line up the cucumber in a vertical position on top of a cutting board.
  • Cut. Cut the cucumbers in half, going from the top to the bottom.
  • Scrape. Use the tip of a teaspoon to scrape the seeds and hollow out each of your cucumber tubes, being sure to leave about ¼ inch of cucumber left in each. Don’t dig in too hard because you don’t want to remove too much of the cucumber flesh. Just remove the seeds.
  • Discard. Discard the seeds and unwanted cucumber flesh.

Avocado Cucumber Sushi Roll

What’s the Difference Between Sushi Rice and Regular Rice?

The first thing to understand about sushi rice is that all types of sushi rice are really a type of short grain white rice.

Sushi rice is typically just short grain Japanese white rice that has been flavored with vinegar-based seasonings and is traditionally used only for making sushi. The actual Japanese term for sushi rice is sumeshi, which literally means ‘vinegared rice’.

Avocado Cucumber Sushi Roll

With that in mind, you can either buy pre-prepared sushi rice at your local grocery store or you can opt to make your own sushi rice. It’s quite easy to do so.

Simply combine your preferred short grain white rice with a mixture of rice vinegar, sugar, and salt and you’ll have your own homemade sushi rice in no time.

Avocado Cucumber Sushi Roll

Best Way to Store Cucumber Sushi Rolls for Later

If you want to store your sushi rolls for later, then you’ll first want to make sure that you’ve wrung out any excess water. This is especially important for this recipe since you’re using cucumbers to make your rolls.

You’ll then want to securely wrap each sushi roll in plastic wrap before then placing them all inside of an airtight container. You can keep your sushi rolls in the fridge for 5-7 days when stored like this.

Avocado Cucumber Sushi Roll

It’s not recommended to freeze these cucumber rolls because of the moisture content of cucumbers. You’ll end up losing a lot of texture when thawing them out.

Avocado Cucumber Sushi Roll

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Avocado Cucumber Sushi Roll

Easy Avocado Cucumber Sushi Rolls (Using a Hollowed Out Cucumber!)



  • 2 cucumbers
  • ½ cup sushi rice
  • ½ firm avocado,  sliced
  • 4 scallions (only white parts)


  1. To cook the rice, follow directions on the package. 
  2. Cut the cucumbers in half.
  3. Hollow out center of cucumbers. 
  4. Leave about ¼ inch of cucumber inside. 
  5. Stuff each cucumber tube with rice, avocado and scallions. 
  6. Serve as is or slice into bite size pieces and serve.

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